We carry an assortment of fertilizers, both granular and liquid, to aid the healthy growth of any turf on your golf course. Whether it be for your tees, greens, fairways or rough, we stock a variety of  products to suit your needs.


     Greens Grade

       We carry a large selection of greens grade fertilizer blends from various manufactures. However,           we believe Lebanon Turf's Country Club and Proscape lines provide the best performance for           our area. These high quality fertilizers have consistently produced great results for many                     superintendents in our area. 


 Fairway Grade

       Much like our greens fertilizers, we stock a large selection of fairway grade fertilizers from many        manufacturers. We work with several producers that can custom blend products as well. We              stock blends specific to our area from major manufacturers such as Howard Johnson's, Lebanon        Turf and others. We have products with pre-emergents, post-emergents and insect control                  available as well.


       We understand that many superintendents use a mix of granular and sprayable fertilizers to                maintain their facilities, and that's why we carry a healthy selection of sprayable fertilizers as              well. We have our own private labeled liquid fertilizers, as well as items from Growth Products,          Miller Chemical and others.